Delivered in partnership with Aviva and St Johnstone Football Club, The Saints Way project (formely known as The Wright Way) sees St Johnstone FC share their winning plan with local P5 pupils to keep them active and healthy.

Delivered in 3 components, the 5-week initiative encourages pupils to eat healthy and take part in daily physical activity:

Classroom Sessions: Delivered by Community Trust staff, each P5 class will take part in discussions surrounding topics of food labels, portion sizes, and a balanced diet which are followed by short fitness challenges set by St Johnstone FC players and the team physio.

Cooking Festival: Supported by the team chef, St Johnstone FC players lead a cooking demonstration and Q&A at McDiarmid Park to highlight how quick and simple it can be to eat healthy. Each pupil has the opportunity to try the chicken noodle and vegetable meal followed by fruit and a healthy drink.

Activity Festival: Lead by Community Trust staff, pupils take part in a variety of activities throughout the afternoon. Activities such as handball, football, parachute runs, relay races, and netball are all undertaken with St Johnstone FC players accompanying and encouraging pupils throughout.

The Saints Way project concludes with each P5 pupil receiving a certificate of achievement from St Johnstone and a goody bag.


Classroom Session at Tulloch