In partnership with Perth & Kinross ADHD+ and Motorvate Therapies Ltd, our Saints ADHD+ programme aimed to overcome the challenges children and young people with Neurodevelopmental Disorders (NDD) have in accessing local community exercise activities due to their often ‘socially unacceptable’ behaviours. Whilst recent evidence shows exercise is an effective tool for people with ADHD in assisting in modulating their mood/actions, they often face barriers to participating with “mainstream groups” unable to cope due to the aforementioned behaviours

14 children and their families were supported to take part in blocks of 6-week sports and physical activity programmes. Children undertook activities such as football, horse riding, and horse care and Jiu-Jitsu with participating coaches provided with appropriate training to help recognise, understand, and meet the needs of our participants.

At the start of the programme, all participating children were issued with their St Johnstone FC “passport” – a record of personal and health details on one page and a sticker record of their achievements throughout the programme. By the end of the programme, all participants had gained certificates in Level 1 Horse Riding, Level 1 Horse Care, or both.

  • “At last there was something I could feel part of” - Particpant, age 10
  • “My body just feels so good, it feels calm and not jiggly anymore” - Participant talking about his Horse Riding experience
  • “I get the high level of exercise that I need for my brain to be calm in class” - Participant talking about his Ju-Jitsu experience

The Saints ADHD+ programme proved to be a thoroughly positive experience for participants, families, and coaches. The success and positive feedback from the families gives us a positive perspective to develop future sporting projects for a similar group.


Saints ADHD+