Vision and Background


A thriving, sustainable, community focused organisation, providing positive life enhancing experiences using sport, and football in particular, to help people throughout Perth and Kinross achieve their goals.

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The St. Johnstone F.C. Community Department was established in 1992, with the initial emphasis being on the development of a network of football coaching courses for children and young people, along with the provision of the SFA Coach Education Programme.

It is now widely recognised that sport in general and football in particular can be a force for good that can produce numerous social benefits – improving self-esteem, inspiring children and young people, promoting wellbeing and healthy lifestyles, and contributing to social inclusion.

Over the last few years, the nature and scope of the activity carried out by the Community Department changed significantly and a number of socially beneficial projects were introduced in association with a range of stakeholders,

These projects were a great success and contributed positively to the lives of many people throughout Perth & Kinross, but it became clear that change was needed to ensure that the organisation was able to grow and expand into new areas and take advantage of opportunities that will present themselves through partnership working with a wide range of agencies.

Many senior football clubs addressed similar concerns by adopting a community trust model and, having sought independent expert advice, the preferred model which the Club and the Community Department chose to adopt is that of a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation (SCIO).

In April 2016 the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator confirmed that The St. Johnstone Community Trust has been incorporated and entered into the Charity Register. 






  • fitter, healthier, and more active children and young people
  • more and better qualified coaches
  • enhanced health and wellbeing
  • a more inclusive and equal society
  • improved life skills


  • to provide football and other sporting activities for children and young people
  • to provide a structured football coach education programme
  • to promote participation by providing activities designed to improve health and wellbeing
  • to promote equality and inclusion through programmes that target the disadvantaged
  • to provide a range of projects designed to assist in the development of life skills

To achieve these aims and objectives, projects will take place under our five themes: