Saints in the Community are launching a new Boot Room initiative.

Our Boot Room aims to help break the barriers into participation in sport, ensuring no individual is left without the correct sports footwear. Research from UK-wide sports charity Sported, found that all of their community sports groups believed that playing sports plays an important role in building confidence and self-esteem in children. However, 97% of their group leaders revealed that young players feel more confident playing sports when they have the right kit, with a further staggering 98% of group leaders stating that the cost of new football boots is a challenge for their families.

This initiative at Saints in the Community was born out of the desire to address the numerous barriers which hinder individuals from participating in sport and physical activity while ensuring that we make an impact into sustainability and the unnecessary waste of equipment. By offering free and affordable footwear options, we aim to remove one of the significant barriers’ families throughout Perth & Kinross face when it comes to participation in sport. The initiative also recognises that financial challenges extend beyond footwear, and thus, any funds raised through optional donations will be used to continue supporting families in various ways throughout Perth & Kinross.

We ask that all individuals interested in receiving a pair of footwear from our Boot Room initiative complete the online form below and we will be in touch with more information! All boots and trainers have been cleaned and are now available to purchase for a small suggested donation.

Browse available Boots & Trainers here:

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We would like to thank everyone who has donated their preloved boots & trainers to our Transfer Zone drop off point at McDiarmid Park, your contributions will make a huge difference within Perth & Kinross! If you have any preloved boots or trainers at home, please consider donating them to our Transfer Zone drop off points that are situated at the McDiarmid Park main entrance.

Sport is for everyone and any barriers to participation should be addressed.